Understanding The Creative Brain

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Creativity is a subjective term, people perceive it differently all the time and that is why I’m writing this blog post to standardize the meaning of creativity. The human brain is used to receiving an input, processing it and then generating an output. This simple process is where you begin to have creative thinking.

Is creativity all arts?

It is imperative to know that when we come across the term creativity we ought to think arts – this is certainly not the case. Regardless of the field, creativity is everywhere and has helped humans evolve. Science for example is filled with creativity and in fact cannot survive without it. It involves exploring the world and everything inside to build what humans may or may not need. Management involves looking at things in a different way and resolving conflicts in order to make progress.

Input, Process & Output

Humans got creative when they realized that they could eat food with a fork, spoon and knife instead of their hands. The input here is “seeing food” and after a thorough processing of the information, the output turned out to be “eating with a fork and knife”.

On the other hand, animals are those species that have a fixed pattern of thinking and have been doing so for years. The forest life has remained as is since times immemorial but the urban life, you see how rapidly it has changed? Humans build houses for shelter and then they built  This is exactly how creativity works.

The part of the human brain where the input and output functions work, are far apart as opposed to animals and the gap is where all the thinking is done. Creativity is not about creating something new or completely unique but using past references and adding one’s own experience to it to make something extraordinary. If we talk about writing, the mere expression of thoughts can take a form where suspense is created to keep the reader hooked. When it comes to films, it depends on the director how he envisions a particular scenario to be – realistic or sci-fi, vintage or modern, warm or cool. The part of brain that helps you imagine is the pre-frontal cortex located inside the forehead, this is where you put yourself in a world that’s imaginary. Several imaginations can then be constructed and executed into reality. Now you may realize why successful people focus on having a long-term vision because they can imagine things in the future and set goals accordingly.


If you still think you aren’t as yet creative, think again. Think of all those times when you had to solve a problem and that too, quickly. It’s the ability to think creatively that helps you resolve conflicts and overcome challenges. I hope I was able to clarify how creativity can become a part of every single thinking process inside the brain, and it’s not just limited to super brains.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]