The 2 Most Asked Questions in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s no doubt in the fact that digital marketing has changed the game for businesses everywhere in the world. Whether we talk about SEO services in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, we will see social media marketing companies emphasizing on the importance of SEO and how it could turn a brand’s online presence upside down.


While we talk about digital marketing, we mean to cover every aspect of it like Facebook marketing Pakistan. Instagram marketing or marketing that is done through any social media platform. With digital marketing, two questions are raised. First, people want to know about the keys for crafting a long-form quality content? Long-form content is one of the best performing content types, however, as the name suggests, it is a bit longer than the average content piece and it can scare away some people. Rather than talking about word-count intimidation, today we wanted to share our keys for crafting long-form content which doesn’t lose its quality. As a top social media agency Pakistan, we understand the value behind the good content and feel bad to see how many people think of it as a waste, to avoid using a particular type simply due to a lack of familiarity in regards to the process.


What is Long-Form content?

The definition might vary from person to person, but generally, long-form content is defined as articles which consist of 1,200 words or more. Definitions might vary but the word-count remains similar otherwise, the definition is not correct. Longer-form content is the primary standard for mediums such as newspapers and magazines. Academic articles, with multiple reference points and in-depth coverage, are the acceptable norm. As the internet has evolved, this common idea has gained popularity to shorten content as well to make it as digestible as possible in a short time. Which is why you see so many articles in the 300-500 word range.

To be honest, the idea of long-form content should focus more on the quality and in-depth research of the content rather than just exaggerating and increasing the length.


Why is long-form content important for a website?


There are many reasons why a site can benefit from long-form content:


  • Authority


Long-form content is an excellent way of showcasing grip and command on a topic. Longer and well-researched articles on a topic that falls in your niche give you an opportunity to discuss and share your thoughts, which are missing in the shorter, shallower articles. Not everyone provides this level of depth in content.


  • Time on Page

It’s obvious that longer articles require more time on page to review. The time on page metric is important as the longer someone is on your site, the bounce rate decreases. There is a higher chance they will convert.


  • SEO


Long-form content tends to rank very well. Studies suggest that according to Google, 10% or more of their search audience wants to learn more than just a little piece of information. Search results also bring out the most in-depth articles quickly and help users find well-researched articles. This type of content can earn more back-links as well because of the in-depth, as this is an authoritative nature. Being an emerging digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we understand that long-form content is very important for SEO.


Keys to the Long-Form content creation


  • Content Calendar


Using a content calendar is an important part of the content creation process. When you start working on long-term content as a part of your overall content plan, the calendar starts playing a critical role, because this type of content takes more planning.


  • Planning


The most important aspect of this content type is planning. Longer articles require more time to develop from the initial outline to the finished project. Planning the outline is the first and the most important step in getting ideas together. Later on, you can add to the outline periodically to help flesh out a more detailed outline which will then become the blueprint for the entire piece.


  • Topic Focus


The focused topic is the key to any kind of successful content. Whether it is a long-form article or a shorter one, it is important to remember that this content type only works when you have a focused topic on which you can write a lot. The topic should be something you are either interested in or passionate about as that makes it much easier for you to write deep research and then produce. The piece needs to stay tight and focused rather than roaming around random stuff because as soon as a user finds the article roaming around, he would disappear from the page as quickly as he can.


  • Using Research


It doesn’t matter whether you use all of the data that you have compiled directly or not, indirectly it will allow you a better knowledge base from which to speak on the topic. You should try and collect data, surveys, etc to not only provide support but also to help you extract a conclusion out of it.


  • Start Writing


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. While writing an article is not as daunting as it can seem. The hardest part is often taking that first step. The best advice for this part of the process is to sit at a quiet place where you can focus on your outline and just starting writing it out. This is going to trigger some creativity. Keep taking steps and soon enough the journey will be done.


  • Edit and Revise


Many writers skip the editing portion of content creation, but this is a big mistake. Especially when the longer content is being created. Editing and revising your work is one of the best ways to improve upon it from finding simple spelling or grammatical errors to creating a way of knowing the areas of your lacking and how you can improve them. The biggest key to remember is to look for the information that is not relevant. Remember, you want an extremely focused topic and if you keep stepping off topic the readers might not stick around because no one wants to read irrelevant stuff which is forcefully jotted down in an article.


  • Image Selection


Start adding images in your articles if you don’t do it already. Whenever an image or images accompany an article they add a spark in it but they should make sense and help support, or make the point of the content. This is especially true when the content length increases and the article looks boring. Invest your time in finding images that contribute to the overall message of your content and/or call-to-action if you want your article to perform well.


Any company that provides SEO services in Pakistan would tell you the same. And the best SEO agency would emphasize you more and more on articulating a well-written long-form content.


The next question which is asked every now and then is: Are Chatbots the newest way to boost online sales?


What do we think?


There’s no doubt that chatbot has become very common in the marketplace and the new generation is certainly comfortable using them. But, does that mean it is important to jump on the chatbot train? Is time to jump on the chatbot train right now? As one of the top social media marketing companies in Pakistan, we believe that it is very hard to meet the expectations of this excessive hype. But, with more businesses actively using chatbots in the marketplace we can now look into their effectiveness.


What exactly is a Chat-bot?


A chatbot is a computer program which can conduct a conversation via text or auditory methods and you do not need to assist it. There are different kinds. They can vary from very simple to highly sophisticated. They are often accessed through a virtual assistant such as Amazon Google Assistant.


Everything started back in 1950 where experts tried to check a machine’s ability to perform like a human. From there, things progressed relatively slowly until Siri was launched as an iPhone app in 2010, and the game escalated very quickly and companies started launching their own chatbots, often paired with a virtual assistant or messaging app, to assist users. Recent studies show that people have started accepting chatbots’ presence and they are getting comfortable with it day by day. With younger generation having the most interest in using them.

With Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook all utilizing chatbots, they have become a part of our everyday life.


Ways a Chat-bot boosts online sales


Most commonly, chatbots are deployed in an effort to improve customer engagement and there are quite a few ways which chatbots have been effectively using in the sales process. A Chatbot’s role is very critical because statistics have shown that engaged customers purchase twice than the usual un-engaged customers.


Here are some of the best ways a Chatbot can help increase online sales:


  • Streamline ordering


When a chatbot is paired with a messaging device, it can save the user time and effort. This is what Facebook and Google Assistant do. Rather than using multiple apps to perform a process, it can be done with one bot. These bots also help while purchasing as well. The best example would be using Alexa to order products from Amazon, through a bot. The food service industry has also gotten on board with using chatbots. Different brands use these bots in a different way and these bots have proved themselves to be very successful in each aspect.


  • Streamline returns


The shopping process is never perfect but it could become better through chatbot. A lot of time and energy is wasted in maintaining the customer care and handling returns or exchanges. Chatbots can be used to help set up returns, receive complaint notifications, and provide information about the process without utilizing much time and energy.


  • Provide product suggestions


In some cases, product suggestions can be annoying, however, if you let your bot access the browsing history and purchase records, it can become very helpful in comparing several items other’s have shopped for. It will also be removing things you have already purchased and also on adding things that you might have looked at before. Victoria Secret has been utilizing Kik to provide a fashion concierge service for its users.


  • Availability


One of the best things about chatbots is that they are available 24/7. Whether it is weekend or holiday season when you aren’t working, they will be there, providing answers. The bot will help reduce shopping cart abandonment or site bounces when customers have questions but nobody is present to give a live answer.


  • Provide fun options


Fun options are one of the best ways to engage users. Bots can play games with customers, facilitating product giveaways or even acting as a meme generator. This will help you out with conversions.


The proof is in the pudding


Top businesses in numerous markets are effectively utilizing bots on a variety of levels which tells you they work and they work very well. When Siri was launched by Apple, people were skeptical about the usage. However a few years later we find chat-bots everywhere, incorporated in every business. They can be found in the food, beauty, and fashion industries very easily

So the answer is that chat bots are definitely a part of our technological society and chat-bots are the newest way to boost online sales. Studies have shown not only increased satisfaction from customers interacting with chat-bots as they act more sophisticated and they are present at their service 24/7.

Any digital marketing agency can answer these two questions but not every agency can provide complete digital marketing solution for your website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]