SEO Guide 2019 – All You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When we talk about online marketing, the mention of SEO is inevitable. Without having a solid SEO strategy in your marketing structure online, your plan is handicapped. Over the past few years, the SEO industry has seen massive growth and has been proved to be one of the vital factors of upward sloping any online business. But, a lot of people have a vague concept of what an SEO strategy should be like that helps gain conversions and traffic. SEO agencies in Pakistan, have regarded SEO as the most notable ingredients in flourishing any business online.

SEO Guide 2019

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the procedure used to obtain visitors for a website or to be more specific, to gain traffic on your website for free and get organic searches for your website in major search results like Google and Bing etc. Researches obtained this way are called organic researchers because they are not driven by any paid advertisement and are completely free. Search Engine Optimization expands the number of visitors to a specific site or page by guaranteeing that the site comes on one of the top positions on the rundown of organic results returned by a given web crawler.

However, one thing to note is that the objective of SEO is not only to build websites which are search engine friendly but also to make the website in question, better for the people as well.

In this guide, you will find a complete explanation of everything that surrounds Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will find the terms and phrases aka the keywords which help the website generate traffic, how to make the website search engine friendly, link building, and you will also be notified and explained the key to marketing the extraordinary value of your website. We have answered below all the possible questions that might strike you!

How do Search Engines Work?

To have a better understanding of how SEO exactly work and how Performance Marketing Agencies use it to gain organic traffic on websites, we need to look at what happens when Google’s crawlers crawl around the internet. The procedure of this crawling can be summarized into two steps which are tracking and indexing.

To understand how tracking works, imagine how a transportation system of big city work. The internet is a like a transportation system. All the websites and documents on the internet are like a stop. To register the content present in each stop, the search engine has to track the entire city first. And to achieve the same, search engines use links as the pathways.

Links connect different pages to each other, the way paths link different roads. They are essentially very important and are used as the prime resource in the optimization of search engines. The bots in the search engines use sitemaps for direction and the old previous trackings to kick-start their searches.  They move link to link and reach out to all the documents saved on the internet.

Now the crawlers that we mentioned earlier are more attracted to the new content on the search engines. Be it an updated website or an entirely new formed one. The loading time also factors to the decision. This is all about tracking.

The next important step is Indexing. Once the crawlers aka the spiders have gotten all the documents, they begin decoding them and save down some pieces which can be easily found when a user searches for something on the internet. All these bits of information gathered to make a huge volume of information. All these information available on the internet are jotted down in a series of indexes according to their content, relevance, and authority. However, the whole criteria have changed now. It has evolved to a great degree. Except for keywords, now the publishing date, the quality of the content and multimedia pieces are also considered

After tracking and indexing, everything is ready for a user to go for a search. When a user searches, an algorithm is activated that undergoes some indexes and orders out the result as per a number of different positioning factors. All of this happens in milliseconds between the time a search is made and results are shown. Now that you know it does not occur magically but by strong Organic Marketing, you need it for your website too.

Why is SEO Important for my Website?

To begin with, SEO is not a cost but in fact an investment with a high return on it. When SEO is tried to Web analytics data, certain keywords with high conversion rates are obtained. The deal is that you want to rank on the top 3 spots of the first page where most clicks go and those spots can provide you with a massive return on your investment into minute SEO activities. This is why Search Engine Optimization is regarded as a good investment requiring you must come up with strong SEO strategies.

There is a bundle of reasons why a website needs SEO but one of the most crucial factors is that it dramatically increases your sales without proportionately affecting your marketing costs, thereby generating high profits to a great toll. SEO can put forward all the business goals of a company at a substantial ROI than other contemporary forms of online marketing because it provides better conversion and high profits at minimal cost.

SEO plays an essential part in the research and buying cycle. It resembles a prospect magnet, pulling in potential purchasers to your site through basic and applicable keywords and expressions positioned high in web crawlers where searchers are searching for data about them. It’s tied in with being the place your clients are and guiding them towards solutions which are offered to them by you.

Considering SEO while planning for the structure of your website, the content management system, URL syntax and Web design give you extremely beneficial results for your business. It helps in mapping older URLs to new ones, lead prospects towards buying, tailor the landing pages to user intent and preserves the old rankings. Digital Marketing is just incomplete with SEO. Social Media Marketing Agency has its own charm but one does not simply compare it to SEO when it comes to getting the relevant traffic with buying intent.

So now that you realize you began with the wrong order, you can always seek help from an SEO agency in the USA and get everything right!

SEO is your Online Property Investment

Property is that particular industry about which everyone has substantial knowledge and a moderately decent handle of. Before investing on the property, there is a tradition of genuinely examining every nook and cranny of it and speculations are made whether this will be serving them any profit later on in life when they think of selling it off. Generally, all the properties are meant to give a sizeable profit if not too high, same is the case with SEO. To explain things in a better and a wider horizon, let’s break the components of SEO into variables that influence the true value of a property while having SEO in mind.

  • A strong establishment
  • Property structure
  • A decent neighborhood

Strong Establishment – Relevant Keywords

Just as we know, a house is developed from its foundation, its establishment, hence if the establishment is not strong at the roots, everything else is imperiled. The same is valid for your SEO program. A strong establishment is basic to a long haul achievement. At this foundation point in the SEO, you require strong and relevant keywords that reinforce the roots strongly. All that you do must be based upon it, and it is rash to do anything before the establishment of keywords is laid. Without a thorough investigation of the client search behavior and the competitive environment of the business, an SEO strategy will be deprived of the knowledge and insight expected to get the website off the ground. Pretty much like a house with a fragile foundation. One crucial thing that you should keep in mind is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) helps a lot in SEO. If you use Google Keyword Planner for your keyword research, it shows the average CPC. Always go for keywords that have high CPC.

Property Structure – Your on-page SEO Factors

While the establishment lays the building blocks of a strong property, it accomplishes little other variables. It is excessively important to have a property of good quality to say that your investment is worth it. The value of the establishment is that it gives the platform whereupon a quality structure can be fabricated. Hence, the nature of the structure is similarly as vital as the establishment in deciding property value. After going through thorough keyword research, you’re required to assess a range of on-page factors to determine the true quality of your entire structure.

Your website is your online property and Google is the property auditor. It surveys an extensive variety of on-page components to decide upon the true quality of your structure. From a Search Engine Perspective, property materials include the code of the website and the content of the website.

Website Code: Clean and all around organized code is important to empower Google’s insects to get to each niche of your online property that is your website.

Website content: Your content is the leader of the army. With the suitable establishment work (Keyword exploration), your substance can be created to convey the best SEO effect by means of body content and other on-page components (page titles, headings, anchor text and so on). On-Page/On-Site SEO works like a charm if done right.

The Neighbourhood – External Links

The last bit of the property value condition is the area in which it is found. The neighborhood. The external components will dependably impact the value of a property. External components contribute fundamentally to property valuation. From an  SEO point of view, external links play the role of your neighborhood. Search engine digs the ecosystem of the links of each website to check the quality of the neighborhood in which it lives. If your website is surrounded by link farmers and spammers, search engines are unlikely to attribute any value to your property. In this scenario, you are in the online slums and you must make sure that the link building strategies you adhere to are centered on obtaining quality links.

We have tried to answer all the possible questions that you might have regarding SEO below.

How to do Keyword Research for SEO

To generate heavy traffic on your website, the key thing that you need is Keywords. However, obtaining the relevant keywords is a science in its own. But do not worry, we have explained that too in this guide.

  1. Begin with the ‘Seed’ Keywords

The prime thing for keyword research is Seed Keywords. They are set upon a particular niche and help you know who is going to be your competition. If you are selling a product or service online, then searching for keywords is very easy for you, it is very much similar to describing that product with your own words or brainstorming how other people might search for it.

However if you are planning to start on a marketing website, and have no idea which area should you opt for, the niche, or which product to put into promotion, you will have to begin with thorough keyword research but before that, plan on a niche.

There are two approaches to this. The ‘Monetisation first’ approach and the ‘niche down’ approach.

The Monetisation First Approach

For this approach, you need to first pick a product and think of any possible search query that you think will be done by the people to find the product on Google. For instance, Amazon has a very popular affiliate program, so you need to browse through their website and find the product that you are willing to promote. And then review the products that you are using yourself and see if you can also become an affiliate.

Niche Down Approach

With this approach, you will start with an extremely broad and generic keyword on a keyword research tool for whatever you want to promote. Once you are done with it, you will find a number of relevant keywords which you can use.

For example, you select ‘Gucci’ as your super broad niche. So in order to niche down, you need to focus on longer and better specific that have the word Gucci in them.

  1. New Keyword Ideas

Once you have obtained your niche down keywords, you require more narrowed down keywords that rank high on Google to use them for your website so that they level up the rank of your website as well on the Google ranking.

After finding the seed keyword, you will move to the next step which is creating a list of relevant keywords. Here is how you can do it.

Use of Search Analytics

If your business already has some keywords being used on its website then seek help from Search Analytics in Google Search Console that shows you your average position for all of the keywords you rank for and how many clicks have they brought you. But it only provides you with limited information without telling you the average monthly volume. However, with ‘Organic Keywords’ report, you will extract out more data.

Have a Close Look at What Your Competitors are Ranking on

Most of the time, the case is that your competitors have already done their solid keyword research and are ranking high because of them. So you have a good opportunity in that as well, as you can search their keywords and pick the best suitable ones and choose them for your website as well.

However, if you do not have any idea about your competitors like if you don’t know who they are, all you need to do is just type your seed keyword on Google and see who ranks on the first page for that.

Also, make sure you do not neglect to check for related industries. By doing this, there is a great possibility that you will find a number of great keywords that don’t necessarily relate to whatever you’re offering but can still bring very targeted visitors to your website through them.

Use Keyword Research Tools

Thorough competitor research is undoubtedly a great way to fill your spreadsheet with a parade of relevant keyword ideas. But this is not what the leaders of the niche do. And if you are that, you need a set of unique keywords which are not being targeted by any of your competitors. And to get that, you need a decent keyword research tool.

Irrespective of whichever of the tool you choose for keyword research, there’s no preferred workflow for finding great keyword ideas. Just enter your seed keywords and play with the reports and filters until you come across something cool.

How do User Experience and Usability Affect Search Engine Optimization?

The usability and the user experience have a massively important effect on the external popularity of a particular website but it is quite indirect. However, they do have a pretty direct relation in bringing benefits to the Search Engine Optimization because both these factors are the sources to help improve recommendations, help bring traffic and conversions as well.

Poor usability makes the engagement rates lower and simultaneously the exit rates increase. This is also a bad sign for the traffic as it could mean fewer return visitors. Hence to increase user engagement and cut down the bounce rate, it is important to improve the usability and the experience for the user.

Impact of Quality Content on Search Engine Optimization

‘I do not need good content on my website to rank’, said no one ever. Quality content is still the king, it has been all this time. In fact today, a blog or a website with poor content is just like a blank image because it is not going to benefit you in any way. No one likes to read crummy content. The quality of your website and blog content is very crucial in bringing you on the top of the search engines. You’re gonna need a decent Content Marketing Agency for that.

Content which is optimized for keywords hold great value and also SEO power. However, who is on the venture to produce quality content, also make sure that you do not drift off of the main goal of providing all the bits of information in the content. Creating pages which are creative but not equipped with real value will come back haunting you all the more.

High-quality content is about creating pages that ensure increased time on page, reduce down the bounce rate, and deliver helpful and informative content for the user. A high-quality content page must do more and deliver more for the SEO today than just be well written and long form. They also have to cover certain factors to increase their presence in SERPs, such as Search Intent, Keyword Research, Rich Snippets, and Video Search.

SEO Protocols

Search Engine Protocols

  1. Sitemaps

Sitemaps are like a list of document files that provide hints to the search Engines on how they crawl on your website. They help search engines in finding some content on your site which they were unable to find on their own in the first place. They come in a variety of formats and have the ability to highlight various types of content, images, news, and video etc. They come in three varieties which include XML, RSS, and Txt.

  1. Robots.txt

This a file which is a product of Robots Exclusion Protocol which is stored on a web site’s root directory. It gives directions to automated web crawlers visiting your site, including search crawlers as well. By the use of it, webmasters can signal search engines which areas of a site they would like to disallow bots from crawling into, and it also indicates the locations of sitemap files and crawl/delay parameters. It has following commands available, Disallow, Sitemap and Crawl-delay.

  1. Meta Robots

The meta robots tag develop page-level instructions for the bots of the search engine. They should be incorporated in the head section of the HTML document.

  1. Rel=”Nofollow”

Links act as votes. This protocol, the rel=nofollow, allows you to link to some resource, while also removing your vote for search engine purposes. In real terms, “nofollow” asks search engines to not follow them, however, some engines still follow them to discover new pages. These links definitely provide less value in fact in most of the cases, no value at all than their followed counterparts, but they can be useful in various situations where you link to an untrusted source.

  1. Rel=”canonical”

Sometimes two or more than that copies of the exact same content appear on a website under different URLs. Different URLs can all refer and land you to a single homepage.

This devalues the content on these pages and simultaneously harm the website’s potential rankings in effect. The Rel=’canonical’ tag solve this problem by letting the search robots now which page is the singular, authoritative version that should count in the web results.

Best SEO Tools 2019

Well, not everything is manual here (you should be happy). When it comes to SEO, you should be using a handful of third-party tools. Some of them have unbelievable functionalities while some work on estimates. One should be careful in choosing the tools because some of them are used to spamming, link blasting, massive blog commenting and what not. Tools that let you get estimates of your competition’s traffic, KW ranking, backlinks and domain scores are good to use. If you don’t want to conduct detailed research on third party tools then you have come to the right place! Being an SEO Agency that has SEO incorporated in its day and night, we know these tools like the back of our hands. Below are the best SEO tools available in the market but you don’t really need to go to other SEO tools since it is a bit confusing but Ahrefs is the only tool one should be used in early stages.

Ahrefs is one of the most high-regarded SEO Tools out there. SEO gurus from all around the world not only use this tool but even recommend to the newbies. Let’s talk about the features now. Ahrefs allows you to check backlinks of your competitors and it also provides the DA and PA of the referring domains. The best strategy is to create backlinks where your competitor has placed one. Other than backlinking, it lets you determine the value of a keyword, the competition on it and even the effort required to attain that position.

What you should do now

They say when you measure the problem, you can solve it well. So, now that you have all the pieces of the puzzle that can get you the perfect picture in the form of SEO, be sure that your website will rank satisfactorily on the Search engine.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]