No. Traditional marketing is not back!


It was very recent when people were convinced how traditional marketing has died an obvious death and is no longer a beneficial source of business success. But now it has taken a u-turn. Having read several articles on internet and just recently coming across a marketing teacher who very confidently flaunted his customary marketing knowledge and tried to convince the students about its importance (a frail attempt just by the way), I realized people are back on their belief and strongly need to reconsider it.

“Tradition.. Just because you have always done it that way, doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stupid.”

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight. This article is not a rant against Traditional marketing as the title and the quote above may hint. I am only going to talk about facts and as a business student, I’ll give my two cents (will try to sound logical though) on how I think the conventional ways of marketing are batshit boring and ineffective.

Let’s be honest. How many of us in the past few days have actually paid attention to a commercial on TV? Or a billboard? Or to those annoying audio advertisements that pop up while you are listening to your favorite song on radio? So much that it actually grabbed your interest and made you reach out to your wallet? Ever happened?

No. we know.

In some of the cases, it might have. But mostly people tend to ‘hear’ but not ‘listen’ to these marketing campaigns. Although these strategies were very successful in the past, today they come with nothing but cons.

To begin with, the multitude of marketing tactics which traditional marketers come with, are all very expensive and cost prohibitive.  A company has to spend millions on their venture to leave an imprint on the minds of consumers. Not only that, but the whole process is very long and takes as much time as it would to learn a new language. That too an extremely difficult one.

One of the many uselessness-es (couldn’t emphasize more) of old school marketing is that there is no customization in it. Yes you can target a specific segment but aiming to target an individual is impossible – which is a thing of the past with digital marketing where you can track down what a specific person has viewed and showed interest in, and then suggest products as per their interest.

Traditional marketing is like throwing something in the air and expecting someone to catch it.

Over the course of twenty years, the nature of marketing management has evolved dramatically. From door to door marketing to being solely based on yellow pages and now to digital marketing, it has transformed itself bringing so many advantages to the table. It went through a classical progression and has adopted the current shape it is in today. And objectively speaking, the perks and benefits of digital marketing are so much that there is no reason why a certain business will still stick to the old methods of marketing when digital marketing is around.

From its inexpensive nature, to its ability to build direct and strong relationship with the customers via online platforms which is less time consuming, this is the most suitable way to take your business up in the sky.

With its absolutely commendable progression, it has left no room for the old conventional marketing ways to be back in the game.

I am of this opinion and I am sure many would agree, that Traditional marketing is not back from the dead and there is no hope for it whatsoever of being alive again.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]