What Kind of Content Should Be Used for Local SEO?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A question that small and mid-sized businesses should be asking themselves is, what are the best types of content for local SEO? As a leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we wanted to share our thoughts on the subject to help you position your business in a better position to capture the local market.


What should be your goals for local SEO?

First and foremost, you need to do your research regarding content that converts users. Sometimes people get caught up in fads or concepts that might not be truly relevant to the local scene. Let’s discuss a little more on what your goals should be at a local level:


Everyone wants to become the ideal authority within the market whom people turn to for trusted information. If you own a small business, then thinking of becoming the authority is not ideal but the goal should be at a minimum to become a top voice within your community.

Geographical Reach

Geographical reach depends on the geographical circle your business services. Your business should include all the territories you want to expand into. This plays a major role in gaining your desired geographical reach. Depending on the area you operate in and how big your business circle is. It might be neighborhood-based, others might take it as the city or county you are working in. If you want to use local geographical names within your content then how will you meet the goals? A proper website design/implementation and regular content focused on the local level works collectively to maximize the geographical reach.

Basics for Local Websites

Every local business should have the following items on their website at a minimum. Along with content, these basics will help your site in local searches.

Home Page

Your homepage serves as a valuable landing page. While many people don’t always endorse a homepage, it is still a jumping off point for people to arrive at before journeying further into your business.

Contact Information

Your website should clearly state your business name, your address and the phone number listed. If you have a fax number, contact emails, or any other source of contact, make sure to add them as well. This information needs to be in HTML format to be crawled by search engines and consistent across all pages.

Contact Us Page

In addition to having contact information, there should be a separate page/button in other locations such as the home page or footer, which has all the basics included in a summary of services, a map of the location, parking directions if needed, directions from major traffic arteries, and the hours of operation.

Reviews or Testimonials

Include reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on your website. This helps in gaining trust and attracting new clients.


A must for any page is having optimized calls-to-action buttons.

Products and Services

Your products and services should be clearly described along with specs, price, images, etc. Common FAQs, reviews and video demonstrations also add value to your website.


Return policies, customer service policies, and other policies related to business interactions with customers need to be stated clearly. This helps customers to interact with the employees.

Area Landing Pages

These should be used depending on your geographical reach. For example, if you operate in multiple cities, you need an individual landing page for each city.

About Page

About page is the place where you could deliver the background information on the business, goals, awards, local connections, community support and the like in a great way. When focusing on Local SEO this is an important page because you can link to places like the local service groups you might be a part of.

You need to ensure your site is optimized using all of the local business listings available to you such as Google My Business, YP, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Being a leading social media agency in Pakistan and pioneer of comic industry in local market, we integrate social media marketing with search engine optimization for optimal results. You need to include all of the vital information from the Contact Us page and make sure it is 100% accurate.

Ideas for Local Content

One of the most important aspects of local content is putting yourself in place of your consumer. Once you are able to do that, you will be able to understand the types of content you need to create to connect with them and showcase your authority, in a better way.


What does the consumer want to know what goes with the authority of your business? This is a common theme of Google searches, learning about something and then applying the same thing for your brand’s benefit.


Why would the consumer want to buy something you sell? Make it appealing and it would grab consumer’s attention.


People are always on the hunt to do things. Start doing engaging activities or services related to your business in a fun way. This will help you develop a connection with your consumer.


Start expanding your business. When people travel, they want places to stay, places to eat, things to do, and in some cases, they need to buy products they might need on the go.

Within these categories, you can expand your business on a local scale. As a top SEO agency in Pakistan, we would say that for some businesses, local SEO offers a great opportunity to rise against large businesses and chains. By using the best types of content for Local SEO and optimizing your website properly you can look to outrank the big boys in local searches and take your business to a new place in the world of digital marketing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]