Increasing Brand Loyalty in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Brand loyalty seems like a sagacious thing now. Users tend to jump from one brand to another for a better price, incentives and some time for a really good advertising campaign. So it has become quite hard you increase brand loyalty in the market. Aimhike as a digital performance marketing agency has jotted down a few techniques of increasing brand loyalty based on the expert’s experience.

What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is kind of a commitment which hooks users to a brand to make regular purchases and also support that brand over other brands by using various strategies just like providing the best products.


Tips to Increase Brand Loyalty


  • Create a Loyalty Program

There is a tried and tested method which asks consumers to punch a card to get the 5th item for free after earning a few points through purchasing goods, which can be used for discounts. Loyalty programs should be digital, promoted on all platforms including social media, and should have rewards that customers will want and utilize if you expect the program to be successful. The customers will provide you their contact information which can be used for special promotions..


  • Increased Personalization

Personalization attracts customers towards a certain brand because it makes them feel more connected and that the brand cares about them. This is a great way to foster loyalty. This is something easier and brings result quickly. When you write an email or text message for your customers, greet them by name, send personalized birthday reminders (not generic) and follow-up emails post-purchase inquiring if the product filled the need can go a long way to pitch loyal customers.


  • Utilize Brand Ambassadors

Bringing brand ambassadors to collaborate with your brand. Brand ambassadors are like normal customers that like your products so much that they are willing to help promote your business via blogs and social media marketing. These people are very active socially. Asking bloggers to join you as a brand ambassador will increase their loyalty even more towards your brand and they can in turn increase loyalty with their followers towards your brand.


  • Social Media

Social media marketing is the best way to increase brand loyalty. Social media is a place to connect with customers through comments and live sessions. You can offer exclusive deals on a specific platform for the users of that platform, and get personal with customers without being too invasive.



Every business should do some regular efforts to increase brand loyalty. The market is very competitive; you should focus on spending your time and energy on increasing brand loyalty to a customer who has already shown themselves to be receptive to your products or services. This is coming from a digital marketing agency Pakistan after years of experience with big names so this is something not to be neglected.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]