Ad Mad Dude Gets Candid with Us!


When God says; “And there will be consequences”, He surely was referring to the people who’ve been put in great power to make key decisions but they’re certainly not for the cause. In the world of advertisement, we have a word for it. They’re called, “the heads”. Someone who’s only power is to be-head the sense out of everything and to qualify all the content from the bubble that he lives in. As unfortunate the scenario of “creativity” is here, we do have few good eggs at our plate.

Ad Mad Dude started their rant sessions when it was needed the most and soon became the voice of every sensible advertiser. They call out marketers and clients, letting them know where and how they suck in their big idea. Meanwhile, appreciating the talent where due, all to make sure that good Ads are not dead.

“Ad Mad Dude”, would you like to enlighten your start, as if your background. What became your motivation?

Clients… Clients who live in their boardroom ka world and think they know everything and anything. I wanted them to see what their communication actually is and what it means to people outside their self-absorbed bubble.

Are you a loner at your work or do you have a team? If so, what percentage of sass is required to be a part of you?

We are a group of like-minded crazies who run the page. If you have common sense and the ability to tell the truth, then you write for the page.

You seem to have a critical eye for TVCs, by any chance are you a marketer yourself? 


What according to you, are the ingredients to make a perfectly jacked off campaign?

Base it on an Insight.

Creative Idea.

Make it resonate with the consumer.

Stand to add value over and above your product/service.

What excites you more? A potentially good ad ruined by small blunders or a blunder saved by small potential details?


What potentials (if any) do you see or hope to see in our industry?

  1. Advertising is getting worse by the day sadly. You see formula based shit on TV, brands doing the same redundant degenerate crap over and over again. You have the perfect example of ‘Lawn’ campaigns running, almost all talking about the same thing.
  2. Having said that we do have a few Ads every now and then which are creative and take that leap of faith. The interesting thing is that they come for local brands or smaller players. So if anything toa I think it will be the little brands and little agencies who will cause tiny dents in the industry. Go check out the Osaka battery Ad as an example.
  3. Content is something that will change the overall dimension. There are people who are doing good, meaningful work and they need to be promoted (e.g; Irfan Junejo, Pataari, Sarcasmistan). The scary part is that now adverting agencies and production houses are getting into it as well and that means they will just suck the clients dick and make crap.

In your critical way, how would you define the social media trend-picking run? Do we really have to go desperate for virality?

Virality is a stupid concept. People forget that ‘viral’ will always have a short life span; people will see and forget about it as soon as the next happening # comes along. Do work that means and stands for something, which will resonate with people and will make them love your brand. You do that and they will never leave.

If you were to write “10 Commandments of Advertisement”, what would it be?

This is what I feel should be the approach to an advertising ‘’life’:

  1. Find the insight.
  2. Know your consumer.
  3. Be creative.
  4. Stand up for your ideas.
  5. Tell the client to fuck off.
  6. Tell your boss to fuck off if you believe in your idea.
  7. Talk about your success and own your mistakes.
  8. TV is big, Content is bigger.
  9. Be true to yourself.
  10. Respect the people you work with.

Last but not the least, who is Dude? (the man behind) (if you want it to be a safe secret, it’s up to you. But you have to tell me anyway. JK, remember we appreciate honesty).

The Dude is just a person who sees things in black and white.