Facebook Live Videos Go Interactive

Facebook Live Video Gamification

A part of Facebook’s overall vision has been to be truly interactive, and that is how it has rolled out a new feature where Facebook Live Video will become interactive where the audience can participate in real-time rather than being passive. TV shows in the past have been limited to interaction with the studio audience only whereas the TV viewers have always been part of a single-way communication.

What is it about?

On 19th June 2018, Facebook revealed two features that are going to be integrated with Facebook Live videos:

  1. Polling for Live & On-Demand Videos
  2. Gamification for Live Videos

These updates will enable the publishers and brands to introduce polls, quiz questions and challenges. It’s a blank canvas that Facebook has put forward and wants us to innovate to the best of our abilities.

Polling lets the publishers ask questions with different options that their audience can choose, this could be used to promote any TV show, a film, a sports team or a global leader.

In addition to polls and quizzes, gamification would allow the audiences to compete amongst themselves or compete with the publisher of the game and have several rounds of elimination. Gamification seeks to have gameplay where Facebook users can play during a live video. Some game shows that have already been planned are as follows:

  1. Confetti by INSIDER
  2. Outside Your Bubble by BuzzFeed News
  3. What’s in the Box by Fresno

How can brands leverage this feature in a Facebook Live Video?

Brands and publishers can make amazing use of the polling feature enabling their audiences to become active participants while increasing the overall engagement rate of their Facebook Page. Integrating the feature with various events throughout the year, engagement can be boosted to completely new levels.

What’s exciting is that the audience participation will enable them to win actual prizes and even split cash if there’s a tie. How are YOU planning to use this feature for Facebook Live Video? You can apply for early access through this form.