Enter Aimhike!

2018 started and not a whole lot changed, did it? We have the same old politicians, the same old social stigmas and the same old worries of life. There is no change with companies trying to fight over superiority and people trying to make their opinions count on the internet. If 2017 is any indicator, this year we will further dive down the age of the internet where memes, trends and celebrity scandals dominate. The digital age has taken the problems of a select few and made them global. Whilst the world suffers from hurricanes and refuges crisis, Pakistan deals with its own fair share of problems in the form of the looming general elections and agencies trying to capitalize on the latest viral videos. In the chaos that is 2018, enter Aimhike!


What makes Aimhike kick-ass!

  • Aiming since 2015:

Don’t be mistaken about it, Aimhike is far from an agency that went operational in 2018, in fact, the Digital Marketing trendsetter has been elevating brands since the past two plus years.

  • Our media group:

Even before 2015, Aimhike worked under the name of The D Spot which has now converted into Aimhike’s media group. This year marks the start of Aimhike’s website and blog and what better way to start off than some shameless self-promotion about how great Aimhike is, because it truly is!

  • Me:

Now I can tell you all about how great of an agency we are, how smoothly we run our operations and what makes us the best digital marketers, but I will first tell you about how great the author of this blog is, me! After all being chosen to be the author of the welcome blog on this great website is a huge honor, something that could only be rewarded to someone of my caliber. For that I would like to thank my employer, Aimhike, but most importantly myself for developing these cosmopolitan writing skills.

  • Blogging for the greater good:

Aimhike aims (pun intended) to achieve with this blog exactly what it stands for, providing premium digital marketing solutions but this time instead of serving our clients we, oh so philanthropically, will educate the audience. From entrepreneurial advice and social media marketing tips to articles on the latest trends and our take on the issues of the world of advertising and brands, this blog will help create an online community for marketers, brand enthusiasts and anyone who hopes to find out about the local marketing scene and digital innovations.

Aimhike’s blog is here and the world will never be the same again. So before I bid you farewell and you immerse yourself in the rest of our mediocre blogs, at least the ones that aren’t written by me, I must insist on you checking out the rest of our creatively designed website. From our 360 marketing services and satisfied clients to our various departments and dedicated team, which I’m a part of, this website will give you a seamless and detailed journey through all things Aimhike.