These Brand War Advertisements Define Creativity in the Best Way Possible

The world of advertisement is full of surprises and entertainment. Big brands want to stay in the news one way or another. This need has given rise to comparative advertising which beats ordinary advertising weighing on the levels of entertainment. Comparative advertising is when brands take on one another and openly mock rival’s tagline, product or overall marketing strategy.

In this era of competition, brands are not at all afraid to indulge in brand war ads and ambush marketing. In order to attract audience, brands love to engage in dirty advertising which benefits them in long run. If everyone is talking about your hit on the rival brand, you have won the race.

Here is our compilation of one of the most iconic brand wars that led consumers talking about them for many and many weeks or even months. Have a look and don’t forget to appreciate the marketing teams working at these brands.

Brand War Advertisement

These Brand War Advertisements Define Creativity in the Best Way Possible

  1. Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Pepsi and Coca Cola are two of the most favorite soft drinks around the world. Some love pepsi while some don’t drink anything other than their loved cola. These two brands often engage in ad wars but these ones are the best.

Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Coca Cola

  1. FedEx vs DHL

FedEx and DHL are two leading courier services that also engaged in a marketing war.



Cool, right?

  1. Samsung vs Apple

This debate can never end. Some prefer android while others cannot live without iOS. But this brand war was the lit of all.


Apple replied smartly.

Apple replied smartly.

This one from Samsung was the craziest one.


  1. BMW vs Audi

This series of photos will explain you this brand war itself.


Audi Reply

  1. Jet Airlines vs Kingfisher Airlines

Ooohhh! This brand caught our attention too.

Jet Airlines

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