Benefits of Personalization in your Web Design

Web design and development is itself a complex things and considering personalization in website design could be both a game changer or trouble because it is a pretty wide spectrum to cover for a single idea. The answer often comes down to the type of business it is and if the benefits will outweigh the costs. Let’s dive into the question of if you should use personalization in your web design or not.

What is Website Personalization?

The thought comes from the general push of creating the most engaging user experience possible. In such cases it becomes the process of creating customized experiences for each visitor to a website instead of all users  having the exact same experience. If executed properly, it becomes a phenomenal idea which gives each visitor an experience that is tailored towards them and it is pretty impressive. The concept of personalization in web development has been around in for decades in the digital marketing services providing companies like Aimhike. Considering the fact that even bartenders at the dive bar around the corner make use of the concept by remembering regular customers likes/dislikes and then using that information in subsequent interactions like seating them at a preferred table or pouring them their usual drink, one can think of the goods a web personalization can offer.

What are the Benefits of Personalization?

There are great benefits of using personalization during web development, which is why so many businesses are taking a swing at it. Some of them are:

Personalized experience for every individual:

All the big names have really shined in their ability to truly craft a unique experience for each person, in this particular area. A user gets overwhelmed to see the sheer number of options available for shopping, watching and listening. Brands use personalization to help narrow the focus for each user, using a sophisticated algorithm to help a user discover things he might not have found on his own but will resonate. and music.

Improved brand connection:

Making the right use of personalization creates positive reinforcement between the brand and the customer improving their perception of it. Greeting a customer by name or allowing them to change the background to their own preference, you are fostering a stronger connection and many customers appreciate this because many web-based interactions are still very disconnected.


Increased Conversions:

Personalization helps drive more conversions and some customers have reported seeing increases in revenue upto a very substantial amount. Netflix is one of the best examples with their ability to suggest shows to its users based on the entire viewing history.


The Bottom Line:

Using personalization in your web design is certainly a case where size truly matters because you can only get benefits when you have a very large audience and the increase in revenue will exceed the costs. For smaller businesses, any digital marketing agency would not label personalization a very good idea as the cost most likely outweighs the benefits of large scale personalization.