6 Underrated but Effective Conversion Optimization

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Conversion rate optimization and SEO have a rather symbiotic relationship; they rely on each other in order to function. Just like a salesman cannot flourish without a steady flow of customers, nothing can drive conversions without traffic coming to your website. On the other hand, what good can you achieve through customers if you don’t have an effective strategy to influence them into making a conversion? Most conversion rate optimization techniques follow the same pattern. Find a specific element, change an attribute and run tests until you get positive results.


There are, however, some CRO tactics that don’t get much attention but can yield impressive results. They are as follows:

1- Improve Site Speed

There is a direct relationship between site speed and search engine rankings. According to Google, faster sites get a boost in the SERPs, which means that improvement in a site’s speed can result in increased conversions.

2- Design Every Page for Just One Purpose

This might sound like an obvious point but some people overlook the importance. Every page of your site must serve a single purpose which also goes with the headline of your page. For example, if you design a page to capture emails, it should only capture emails and not get users to install apps or buy a product.

3- Keep Your Best Content Above the Fold

Keeping your content above the fold means keeping it in the area that is immediately visible when you first land on a site without scrolling. This is crucial for conversions because users spend 80% of their time watching the content which is present above the fold.

4. Use more dynamic pop-ups

While pop-ups are everywhere, simply giving you an offer and asking for your email. Instead of asking for visitor’s email in exchange for a free ebook you can get a lot more from pop-ups if you focus on designing a more interactive session for the user.

5. Reduce The Number of Fields in Forms (Especially Mobile Forms)

Forms consisting of 10 different fields can easily put users off. In most cases, fewer fields in the form lead to more conversions. You need to minimize friction and give users a seamless experience by reducing unnecessary fields. Keeping this thing in mind that anywhere between 3-5 fields is the sweet spot.

6. Make Your CTAs Stand Out

A lot of marketers ignore the importance of CTAs. Your CTA needs to be catchy because CTA lets users decide if they want to sign up for your business or not. Make sure your CTA easily stands out in aspects of color, size, and shape.

These were the 6 underrated tactics that we wanted to share being an experienced di

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