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Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan

The importance of Digital Marketing companies in Pakistan or anywhere in the world is not something unknown. Digital media marketing plays an integral part in bringing success to the business and outsourcing it continues to grow in popularity so that the company can continue to improve upon other activities that are core activities of the business. Creating an in-house team of digital marketers cannot be very favorable for the company sometimes, because it is not financially feasible for the company in case the team’s skills are not being utilized constantly. 

An Emerging Digital Performance Marketing Agency

This is when a digital performance marketing agency like Aimhike comes for help for different businesses. Aimhike, with its highly skilled and experienced team of professional digital marketers, makes sure that the company it is dealing with, gets their word out and sales increased within their budget very effectively. With us, you will be fairly able to negotiate your rates and enjoy a complete control over all your outgoings.

At Aimhike, we believe in giving fresh ideas to our clients and offer a diversified perspective which gives the innumerable amount of insight and valuable knowledge about the latest trends present in the marketplace.

Digital Media Marketing Agency in Karachi

When a solid marketing strategy is at hand, the planning and the final implication cannot wait for your in-house team to make way and finally go ahead on the task. Your strategy needs to be implicated as soon as it is made because trends come and go. You cannot afford to wait until the trend goes, the execution needs to be done instantly. Aimhike, a creative digital marketing agency in Pakistan, is very ardent with its deadlines. With the ability which our team of experts is equipped with, you will be given the opportunity to meet all your digital marketing and content creation strategies right before the given deadlines.

Services We Provide

Aimhike is a digital marketing agency that deals with web content marketing,post content, social media advertising, WordPress development service, shopify Development services, and PPC.

Aimhike is the best SEO agency in Pakistan and the leading social media marketing agency in Pakistan, with clients ranging from all corners of the world, most of our clients are from countries like USA, UK, Turkey and Dubai. the reason for our success is based on performance marketing, and we can absolutely assure you that your company or website will earn more than it did before and it will see an increase in traffic unlike never before

Some Common Beliefs About Digital Marketing That We Pronounce as Mere Myths

Digital Marketing is not a piece of cake. It has its own highs and lows. When a new marketer enters the world of Digital marketer, he starts off with some general misconceptions that are surfacing around and have created a buzz in this industry. But let us confirm that they are all just a set of false believes. Here in this article, we have rounded up some of the most common myths about digital marketing which beginners should strictly avoid.

  1. Marketing Your Business Digitally is a Time-Consuming Task

When a newbie begins, the foremost thing that frustrates him or her is the time vs the resulting paradigm. In digital marketing, the rule is that you need to work and then wait for the magical results to happen because nothing comes directly in a click of fingers. If there is one way which guarantees quicker results than it is the Pay Per Click approach.

When you begin marketing your business online, you have to have a little patience to see your desired results. By this does not mean we are asking you to wait for months or years and this by no means that you should stop working more on your strategy. The thing is that though the results might take a little time to emerge put, these results stay around for a longer time period. And once the flow is set, it makes a relatively amazing revenue collection.

However, if you want better and quicker results than hiring a digital media marketing agency would be the best way to get your job done. But even while doing that, make sure that you do not choose an agency with counterfeit promises.                    

  1. Pay Per Click is all that Really Counts

Many marketers are of the opinion that some people are less likely to click on Display and Banner Ads. They think that many consumers are not really interested in or believe in these type of advertisements and promotions. And they think that these ads are very irrelevant and annoying to them or they might also think they are simply out of context. This is a fact as proven by researches. According to different studies, about only 16% of total consumers click on the display and banner ads and 60% of the mobile users click on the ads. So likewise, the paid marketing is not always too useful and this is where organic marketing gets an edge in converting leads.

However, this is not the case all the time. If the tool of PPC is used in the right way, it can be proven extremely fruitful and get you massive results. You can trust us for being for being the best digital media marketing agency in Pakistan.

  1. Digital Marketing is not for my Business

Currently, it is the internet era, and in this era when someone is looking for something, he will most like search for it online than physically going to a shop. Because today, people need convenience. And they will only engross themselves in something that is easy to get and easy to access. This is why, it does not matter what you are selling, and Digital marketing definitely is for your business. Be it a plastic box or just brooms, if you want to business to bloom and make profits like never before, get your business help from a Digital marketing agency in Karachi.

Possible prospects will search it online on platforms like Google or Yahoo.

  1. The Negative Comments on my Website Will Harm the Reputation of my Business

There are many companies out there who refrain from embracing the idea of digital marketing for their company because they fear that the online negative annotations on their website will jeopardize their business. But the thing is that you must change this thinking of yours if you also believe so. The Internet is a place where people are free to share their experiences and their opinions, and there is no way you can stop hateful comments from coming your way. But this does not mean that your business is in hot waters just because someone commented something you did not like. People’s comments just make it a whole lot easier for you to gather feedback.

And it is always very healthy to respond to the feedback given by your consumers in the best way possible. However, if there is a comment you think is negative, then all you should do is simply provide an extensive, courteous, positive and more informative response to it. And if it a bad experience they shared due to any mistake at your part, to provide a logical explanation to it or apologize if needed. Bad remarks are found on every business’s website, even the industry giants are not safe from it. But this does not necessarily mean that your business is at the risk of any danger. No. Just handle the situation smartly and have the issue solved.

  1. The Business Should be on all the Social Media Platforms there are 

Social media has proved itself to be extremely powerful for any business. You will see different social media campaigns on the internet every day and likewise respond to it. Social media does give a good amount of success to any digital marketing campaign, but it is also important to note that it is not important to keep your business on all the social media platforms available. Businesses today think that they must have a strong presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + etc. Though it is true that having a strong and staunch presence on social media is extremely important in this extremely competitive world today, too much of it can be daunting for your own business and at the end of the day may risk the business overall. It might have a negative impact on the business and push your business backward. To have an effective social media presence, a leading digital marketing agency can help you the best.

  1. My business does not need a Website since it has a Strong Presence on Social Media Already

Though social media is an excellent tool your business cannot only rely upon it. Irrespective of your strong social media presence, you need a website which is home to your business. Many people do not like visiting the social media accounts of a business when they are on the venture to seek in-depth knowledge or information about a particular product or service. They will also find checking out the website more handy and useful. This requires you to build a high-quality website that must focus on your digital marketing efforts. Because this is the place where the actual buying and selling takes place. However, it should be made sure that the website is of high quality so that the users do not come across a bad experience while scrolling through your brand site.

  1. Digital Marketing will not Help my Business Compete Strongly

Digital marketing works just exactly the same for everyone. It produces almost the same pace of results whether you have a very well-developed, time-honored and well-recognized business or you just started off with a startup venture. However, if there is one difference that it can be brought by the following of trends in the marketing. Often the new startups fail to comprehend his fact that they need to keep the marketing trends in their mind while coming forward with a digital marketing campaign. Though it might sometimes get difficult for new ventures to figure out the trends first and then they mess up with the entire strategy that they put forward for marketing their business online. And this mess, in the end, makes them think that digital marketing is not suitable for their business. But this is not how it is.

Companies or startups who find trouble in smoothly carrying out a digital marketing activity, but do not know how to properly do it, always have the option to hire a digital media marketing company to handle this for them. In spite of thinking that they are better off without .digital marketing in the first place.

All your company or startup needs is the right help from the right people.

  1. Digital Marketing in Pakistan Requires a lot of Money to kick Start

The main thing that influences a newbie to make the primary business stride is the money that they need to invest first. The vast majority of the clients have a major misguided opinion that online promoting implies a critical bit of investment plan.

Digital Marketing Agency

Though, this isn’t right at all and not valid for everyone. However, if the digital marketing is done internally with the company by a group of in-house digital marketers, it might get a bit expensive because you have to pay them every month the same agreed amount even if you are not availing their services for a particular month or time. But when you hire a Digital Marketing agency Pakistan, the chances are you will have to spend relatively lesser on an agency with guaranteed results.

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